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Earn more than you ever have before.

Octa75 functions as an advertising network that facilitates the connection between businesses looking to run ads with websites, videos, or images to reach potential customers. The main purpose of an ad network is to aggregate ad space and pair it with the needs of advertisers. Our primary objective is to aid companies and brands in expanding their businesses by providing them with organic traffic. By visiting our advertisers' websites, users receive 75% of the spending plan allocated by the advertisers. Our fundamental responsibility is to entice and direct prospective customers to our advertisers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Not that we pay you a commission once, but we offer you 2% of your downline's earnings every day, indefinitely! In addition, you receive an 1% commission each day when your downline refers another individual to Octa75.

At Octa75, every day is an opportunity for joy as you are free to initiate a withdrawal whenever you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $100.

It takes 48 to 72 hours for us to transfer to your USDT wallet

Octa75 operates as an advertising network that links businesses seeking to run ads using websites, videos, or images to connect with prospective customers. The primary characteristic of an ad network is to aggregate ad space and match it with the requirements of the advertiser. Our focus is to provide companies and brands with organic traffic to support their business growth. As a reward for visiting our advertiser's websites, we offer our users 75% of the spending plan allocated by the advertisers. Our primary responsibility is to engage and direct potential customers to our advertisers.

At Octa75, we collect ads from companies and businesses across various industries, and channel traffic to their websites. We rely on individuals like you to visit their websites, and in return, we compensate you with 75% of their designated per-click budget.

Paying for upgrades is optional and entirely up to you if you wish to increase your earnings potential. We offer an Unpaid plan on our website that allows you to start without making any payment. However, under this plan, you will be restricted to one advertisement per day.

The minimum amount to upgrade your market from the unpaid plan is $20 dollars!

We strive to avoid imposing withdrawal restrictions, but we do emphasize the importance of everyone's commitment before initiating a withdrawal. The minimum amount required for withdrawal is $100.

Currently, we only support USDT as a means of withdrawal. However, we plan to incorporate additional payment methods in the near future.

To upgrade your market using USDT, you can follow these steps: - Log in to your Octa75 account. - Click on the "Upgrade" button located on the dashboard. - Choose the plan you wish to upgrade to and select the "Pay with USDT" option. Follow the instructions to complete the payment using your USDT wallet. Once the payment is confirmed, your account will be upgraded accordingly. If you encounter any challenges during the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.